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2016 Awards & Scholarships:

Artist of the Year (by board vote): Bill Washer

Artists of the Year are awarded annual Lifetime Membership.

Hosted By: the Moravian College, April 27th

Annual Awards:

Student of the Year: Jamal Damien
High School Jazz Program: Quakertown HS - Frank Parker, Director
Lifetime Jazz Patrons: Richard & Susan Master
Lifetime Achievement: Glen Davis | Roy Cumming

PA Jazz Idol III:


First Place: NY Duo
Second Place: Lehigh Valley Charter Arts HS Jazz Combo
Third Place: Dane Becker & The Chameleons

Student Soloist Awards (As determined by the judges -- solo award winners receive a trophy):

Best Brass Soloist: Donovan Austin - Trombone
Best Woodwind Soloist: Ross Lesoine - Tenor Sax
Best Rhythm Soloist: Cayden Wisner - Guitar
Best Overall Soloist: Baptiste Horcholle - Tenor Sax
Special Recognition: Ryan Taranto



The Pennsylvania Jazz Collective established its initial scholarship account with the funds collected through CD sales
donated by Jazz artists.

Scholarship Awards:

Scholarship Name: Amount: Receipients:

Moravian College Summer Youth Jazz Camp

Sponsored by Beall Fowler

Maria Mararou
Quintin White