PA Jazz Collective
PA Jazz Collective
Promoting jazz music and musicians in the Commonwealth

Pennsylvania Jazz Collective

The Pennsylvania Jazz Collective (based in the Lehigh Valley) is a Pennsylvania non-profit, non-stock company organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our goal is to foster growth in jazz appreciation through a regular series of public performances and education initiatives.

The Pennsylvania Jazz Collective focuses on the art of improvisation. Most of the school districts in our region have jazz band programs. However, the art of improvisation remains the most elusive aspect of their jazz experience. Pennsylvania Jazz Collective artists are world class musicians. Our November Jazz Series is a perfect example of our objective to work with regional jazz band directors and ultimately give students the experience of working with these artists.

It is not our goal to make professional musicians, rather to expose students to the depth of America’s unique art form. We also believe the art of improvisation could be a valuable experience for non-musician students and have programming developed in that direction.

Our most challenging education task is to convince the local community of the value of our program. We are hopeful that these efforts will ensure future audiences.