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Randy Brecker
Randy Becker
Series I – The Jazz Trumpet
“I first met Alan in Argentina back in 1980. Playing with Co-op Bop is always fun. Non-profits like the Pennsylvania Jazz Collective are helping to contribute to the continuation of jazz in America.”
Phil Woods
Phil Woods
Series II – Sax Celebration Series
“It’s great to see local musicians helping to keep this music growing . They take it direct to the community.It ends up being a win- win.”
Bob Dorough
Bob Dorough
Piano / Vocal
Series III – The Rhythm Section
“I always have a great time performing. It’s extra special doing it with the musicians from my home region.”
Robin Eubanks
Robin Eubanks
Series IV – The Jazz Trombone Series
“Great fun. Great musicians. Great Education organization.”
Maria Schneider
Maria Schneider
Series V – The Modern Jazz Big Band
“What a fantastic organization the Pennsylvania Jazz Collective is!  They put together a group of musicians to play my music that was just beyond!  What a great band — what great people — and what a fun educational component they organized, too.  This organization is truly a tremendous resource for its community and for jazz at large.  I left feeling a tremendous amount of positive energy and hoping for an opportunity to return.  A big thanks to everyone at PA Jazz for all that you do!”
Maria Schneider
Vic Juris
 Guitarist  Series IV – The Jazz Guitar
“We go way back. I first played with Alan in the late 1970’s. I’m looking forward and I’m particularly impressed by the progress made by the collective.”