PA Jazz Collective

PA Jazz IDOL Submission

PA Jazz IDOL – Our version of the popular television show “American Idol”

When: Wednesday April 15th @ 7:30 PM

Where: FOY Hall- Moravian College

Winners will receive: CASH PRIZES | Appearance opportunities | Soloist Awards

  1. Groups must RSVP by APRIL 8th 2020
  2. All members of ensembles age may not exceed 22 years of age.
  3. Groups will perform one song selection. The title needs to be submitted for program listing.
  4. Results determined by a panel of professionals. Guest judges to be announced
    • Audience vote counts– bring your friends and family ! ! ! !
  5. Show time is limited and bands will be signed up on a first- come- first-serve basis.
  6. Winning participants from last years’ idol event cannot compete in the same group- personnel wise.
  7. All music must be memorized.
  8. PA system, drum set, piano and amps supplied by the Moravian College Music Department. You must bring personal instruments.
  9. To register contact: Email, or submit the form below.