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To apply for the PJC Benevolent Fund, click here. See below for more information and to donate to the PJC Benevolent Fund.


As I’m sure you’re aware, the COVID-19 effect has crippled many industries in the United States and the rest of the world, and of course this has had a significant impact on live music performance and the people who make it happen.The Board of the Pennsylvania Jazz Collective (PJC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization chartered in Pennsylvania; created to promote awareness, education and performance of Jazz music in and around the Greater Lehigh Valley Region, has agreed to create a Musicians’ Benevolence Fund to assist those who are directly affected by the loss of income due to the “stay-at-home” guidance from our State and Federal governments.

This fund will provide cash payments to those “members” of the PJC who were in good standing within the most recent four years that we collected dues, which includes 2016-2019, and who can show they have no other “regular” source of income at this time. This program will operate regardless of any other federal or state programs designed to provide relief to American citizens; this is specifically to assist those who we believe are among the most vulnerable to the current shutdown – working musicians. As such, we are actively seeking donations from anyone willing and able to help, so that we can begin to provide relief immediately.

***”Due to the nature of applications received thus far, we have decided to encourage all musicians facing financial hardship (lost teaching revenue, gig revenue, etc.) in eastern Pennsylvania regardless of prior affiliation with the Collective

As for accessing the fund, all a member must do is fill out a simple form requesting assistance (and verifying no other regular source of income – the goal is to assist those truly most in need), and we will provide cash relief as it is available to us to do so.

Therefore, it is urgent that if you are in a position to help, be it a $5.00 donation or a $5,000.00 donation, please consider doing so promptly, as the need is immediate. Please note: We cannot
specifically direct donations to any individual by any donor’s request – all donations will be placed into a general fund for distribution per PJC Benevolence Fund guidelines.

Again, we are asking for the community’s help to assist musicians in need at this time, as there are simply no live gigs to be had anywhere in the region – and this will continue through at least the month of April, 2020. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!

We are grateful to the many supporters of live and recorded music and the joy it brings to our lives. Your  help at this time may possibly save a life.
Kindest regards,
Brian Jon Bortz
PA Jazz Collective

Please be aware that a 10% administration fee will be withheld from each donation, so that the PJC can hire an administrator to manage this potentially large undertaking. PayPal may also impose a service charge. The remainder of the proceeds will go directly to the musicians who need it. This may be modified as the fund activity unfolds, and any changes will be clearly communicated. 

Please consult a tax professional to determine if your donation is tax-deductible (we are a non-profit so it should be, just like any other charitable contribution).